Nothing inspires us more than delivering gorgeous color, and we believe that empowered stylists are the best way to ensure happy clients enjoy superior shades. Through extensive ongoing education, access to innovative multi-dimensional colors, and a salon that fosters their creativity, our stylists always exceed expectations. From balayage to corrective color, we are well versed in a full range of service options that deliver gorgeous hair that’s never run of the mill.


{Example} Regrowth Retouch, One Panel of Foils, Glaze, Application | 1.5 to 2 hours+
$46-$71 per hour plus color costs


{Example} Solid Virgin Color, Global Color Change, Foils/Highlights | minimum 90 min to 2.5 hours+
$49-$74 per hour plus color costs


{Example} Double Process Color, Color with Foil Work | 1.5 to 3hrs
$52- 77 per hour plus color costs


{Example} Fashion Color, Basic Balayage, Color Correction | 3 to 5 hrs
$74-99 per hour plus color costs


{Example} Multi Process Color, Hair Painting, Fashion Color, Extreme Color Correction | 3 to 5 hours+
$98-123 per hour plus color costs

*Prices vary based on service provider*

Salon Ethos
{Color Theory}

At Salon Ethos, we don’t believe in “One Size Fits All” color pricing. We use a PARTS + LABOR method, similar to every other trade industry out there. We break down your service based on time and assign it as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Price Points. Then we add the exact amount of product used. If you have questions, we would love to schedule a virtual complimentary consultation before your appointment!