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Salon Ethos wouldn’t be Salon Ethos if we didn’t believe in the importance of giving back and investing in our community. Collectively, our team has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Salon Ethos Charity Foundation

Stylists Helping Youth with Mental Illness (SHYMI)

In September 2013, Salon Ethos owner Liz Rose-Worman established a non-profit foundation, Stylists Helping Youth with Mental Illness (SHYMI), in support of mental health services for local youth.

The foundation is fiscally sponsored by the Lincoln County Foundation to, a non-profit corporation established in 1965 serves as an agency to receive and administer funds and other property contributed for any civic, educational, charitable or religious purpose, and particularly to assist, encourage and promote the welfare and well being of the youth of Lincoln County, Oregon.

“I feel that mental illness carries a social and societal stigma,” Rose-Worman explained. “This disease wears so many different faces, and people who don’t know anything about it except its name fear it. That fear, which I believe is based on ignorance, gets in the way of responding effectively to
those who suffer from mental illness. I believe that education is the key to changing te way those who suffer from mental illness – and those who love them – live and thrive.”

SHYMI board members include Liz Rose-Worman, Barbara Dougherty, Shannon Helmricks, Julie Buck, Shirley Hanes and Amanda Greene.

Consider a charitable gift to Stylists Helping Youth with Mental Illness (SHYMI), in support of mental health services for local youth. Donations directly benefit this effort.

To the editor:

The Salon Ethos owner, staff, and their friends and families thank everyone who attended our “NEXT: A Tribute to Alexander McQueen” event on October 21. The event raised $6,000 in support of the mentally ill youth of Lincoln County.

We’re very grateful for the contributions of time, talent and refreshments which our friends and colleagues donated to make the benefit a success. Special thanks to choreographer Ellen Mathewson, stage manager Cynn Wilkes, emcee Randy Getman, sound coordinator J. G. Groves, videographer Casey Miller, and event setup coordinator Danielle Emerick for their amazing volunteer work.

We’d also like to thank the board of Stylists Helping Youth with Mental Illness (SHYMI), which is comprised of Rachel Bates, Jayne Burril, Barbara Dougherty, Shirley Hanes, and Shannon Wellsteed, and our fiscal sponsor, the Lincoln County Foundation.

Salon Ethos is committed to giving exceptional service and serving our community – which are central to beauty, inside and out. We deeply value our patrons, who continue to support and inspire us.

Salon Ethos

Liz Rose-Worman, owner; Chachi Tuy, artistic director; lead stylists Anna Dial and Janae Wieboldt; stylists Nikki Baylis, Kayla Robeson, and Veronica Logan; associates Julie Bass, Ali Davis, Melissa Hammett and Melody Gwinup; Sarah Bradshaw, makeup artist; Carrie Moore, wardrobe coordinator; Ashleigh Fury, model coordinator; and support staff Nieesa Romero-Smith.

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