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We serve a wide variety of hair types and style preferences and we have curated a selection of product lines. No matter your needs, we offer high-performance products that are formulated to address your concerns and deliver healthy hair!

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Redken’s foundation is based on extensive knowledge and understanding of science and hair. In 1960 when the company was founded, Redken was the first manufacturer to apply proteins and moisture to dramatically improve weakened and sensitized hair and restore strength and shine.

Built on this heritage of protein and acid pH, Redken’s pioneering research has led to the most advanced products in the professional industry. Technology is an integral part of every Redken product-linking hair color, texture, haircare, and styling with total synergy.

Today, Redken offers a complete collection to inspire your talents. From amazing hair color options to advanced haircare solutions and creative styling products for both women and men. Redken has an extensive portfolio of products that combine fashion and innovation for the most inspiring collection around.

Be Original. Be Natural. Be Good.

100% pure BareMinerals foundation is in a league of its own. The weightless and silky formula offers flawless coverage without the look or feel of heavy makeup. Just one touch is all it takes to see why our revolutionary foundation is a favorite for millions of women across the country. It looks like a powder, but the soft and creamy texture buffs on like silk to provide a 100% natural look without any trace of makeup.


Clinical studies show that bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation actually improves your skin over time while providing flawless coverage. Because it’s free of preservatives, talc, oil, and waxes, it works for all ages, skin tones, and complexions.

Discover The Pureology Difference!
Pureology was created in Irvine, California in 2001. It was here that salon industry pioneer Jim Markham revolutionized color care and launched the first 100% Vegan formulas and Zero-Sulfate shampoos for color-treated hair.


Jim identified a need among professional colorists and their clients for gentle, naturally-based products that deliver superior performance for longer-lasting hair color, guaranteed. Every Pureology product contains the exclusive Anti-Fade Complex which contains a blend of potent anti-oxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to protect color from free radicals and maximize color retention. Today, Pureology is the #1 color care brand in the USA and their high-performance products are an industry standard.

Indulge in the ultimate multi-sensory experience with highly concentrated formulas bursting with superior ingredients. Every Pureology shampoo contains exclusive technology and a unique blend of ingredients such as:

• Anti-Fade Complex
• Zero-Sulfate Shampoos
• 100% Vegan
• Organic Botanicals
• Signature Aromatherapy Essences

The MIZANI brand maintains a premium, salon-exclusive franchise with a portfolio of power brands while continuing to offer the most technologically advanced products engineered to treat multi-textured hair.


MIZANI offers a strong commitment to stylists through its advanced, patented technology, and innovative ways to care not only for the hair but for the scalp as well. Each MIZANI formula is customized to suit the needs of each curl type. MIZANI which means “balance” in Swahili, offers a specialized, salon-exclusive hair care system designed to restore every curl type to its ultimate state of balance.

Today, MIZANI, a division of L’Oréal, is sold in premium multi-ethnic salons globally and has established a solid reputation among leading professional stylists and their clients as the professional authority for all curl textures.

FarmHouse Fresh is a renowned skincare brand that combines the essence of nature with innovative skincare science to deliver a luxurious, effective product line. Known for their commitment to cruelty-free practices and the use of fresh, natural ingredients, FarmHouse Fresh offers a range of products from moisturizers and facial masks to scrubs and body oils, all designed to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

The next time you're in the Salon, check out some of FarmHouse Fresh's best-selling products, such as:

- Whoopie! Cream Shea Butter: Celebrated for its light, whipped texture and delicious vanilla and white velvet cream fragrance.
- Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask: A chocolate lover's dream that softens, soothes, and tones the skin with antioxidant-rich cocoa.
- Honey Heel Glaze: A honey-based moisture serum that hydrates and seals in moisture, perfect for tackling tough, dry skin areas.

Salon Ethos proudly carries FarmHouse Fresh products because the brand's ethos aligns closely with our own values. We are committed to offering our clients skincare solutions that are not only effective but also ethically produced and environmentally responsible. FarmHouse Fresh's dedication to cruelty-free practices, use of natural and fresh ingredients, and support for animal rescue missions resonate with our commitment to conscious beauty. By partnering with FarmHouse Fresh, Salon Ethos ensures that our clients have access to premium skincare products that reflect our dedication to quality, sustainability, and compassion.

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