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incredibly fortunate to have amazingly talented stylists in our salon. In combination with their creativity and skills, our stylists offer each guest a chance to feel heard during their personalized salon experience. Salon Ethos is about connection through hair care and giving you the support to feel confident and excited about your style.



our team!


The most successful people we know are always learning, always seeking to expand their base of knowledge and expertise.


At Salon Ethos, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey. All of our service providers and support staff are required to continue their education by attending a specific number of continuing education opportunities.

These opportunities include in-house and master classes, product trainings, conferences, symposiums and advanced training at the Redken Exchange in NYC.

Best of all, Salon Ethos pays for most continuing education opportunities. We will support you all along the way.

Whether with hair, skin or nails—put your artistry on display at Salon - Ethos. A place that values personal expression as much as technical mastery. 

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